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How consciously fit are you?

Doing sports, going to the gym and training for our physical well-being has almost become mainstream by now. Though what about your inner world?

What if you could join a fantastic program...

  • That helps you reconnect with yourself on a weekly basis?
  • That takes you on a step by step exploration of your capacities, so you can finally live your purpose in the world?
  • That connects you to a heartful community of people such as yourself - seekers and creators with a bigger vision, who know there's something else possible in their lives?

Are you ready to be a part of something greater?

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Join the Gang! :)

Hi, my name is Katherine!

For the past 20 years, I've been working with people from all over the globe, inviting them to discover their capacities and choose more magic and possibilities for their lives.

We live in times of great changes, which require us to be awake and present with our lives. You may be facing issues with your body, money, relationships, stress, feeling lost... Whatever it may be, did you know that resolving it could be FUN?

And the best thing is - you don't have to do it alone!

I've created this membership program as an easily accessible and affordable creative space to help you stay 'fit' in your consciousness!

It's easy to get distracted. In the Conscious Fit Gang, you'll be taken by the hand and provided with weekly fresh resources to help you stay on track and improve your life on all levels. It's a worldwide creative community of people dedicated to live more ease, joy and miracles - every day! 

Some of the amazing gifts that are waiting for you:


Weekly Guided Meditations

Open up to the universe of possibilities available in your life!
We'll be meeting online each week for a guided meditation with essential oils and Katherine's powerful energy downloads.
You'll also receive the recording, so you can re-listen throughout the week.

Monthly "Hot Seat" Coaching

More ease and new possibilities! Each month, you can send your questions to Katherine.
With her awareness of the greatest contribution for the group, she will pick one person to receive a 20-minute power coaching in a group call.
Recordings also available. 

Exclusive Surprise Content

Katherine teaches groundbreaking transformational classes - online and in person, across the globe.
As a CFG Family member, you'll receive exclusive snippets from the current workshops, and occasional updates from Katherine's awareness, created to boost your life & keep you up to date with the current energies!

Monthly Q&A Zooms

Power up your life! Each month, you can send all your questions to Katherine.
The group then meets in a 30-45 minute Zoom Call, where Katherine answers all the questions and gifts you great tools and invitations to new possibilities.
Recordings also available. 

Special Welcome Pack

The moment you embark on this journey with us, we've got your back. ;)
As soon as you join the group, you'll get access to the previous recordings, as well as a set of special welcome resources from Katherine to get you started on your path!

Accountability Buddy

Once you've joined the CFG membership program, you'll be matched with your very own accountability buddy from the group.

You'll have weekly check ins and contribute to one another on this journey.

Access to the Private Community

As a member of the Conscious Fit Gang, you automatically become a part of our exclusive online community!
Chat, ask your questions, find new friends, create, contribute to one another, exchange, play..!

...And so much more!


Ready for a new chapter in your life?

Once you make this first step, it's easy!
You'll be a part of a close-knit community, where everyone is a contribution to you and where together you can grow, create and live the life you came here for!

Yes, I'm in!

For me it created so much peace, because in the weeks before I could barely get any sleep. I'm very grateful for the tools and possibilities it showed me. Your voice was always a powerful reminder, no matter what big distraction I was facing. You were a trusted guide.


...The effects on my body were great. Throughout the day, I was more focused on my tasks and each evening I was looking forward to let go, relax and resource myself so I could go sleeping with more peace.



One evening, I had a project to finish. It was already pretty late at night and I had no motivation. I listened to a meditation to get more aligned with myself.
Then I started working. My head ran wild with thoughts and catastrophe scenarios of missing my deadline. Though I didn't pay attention, because now I was connected to a much greater space in me.

All of a sudden, my creativity started to flow and I had so much fun and playfulness, finished my project with ease! Thank you!


Due to my job, I go to sleep at varying times and often can't really relax. Thanks to the meditations, I could finally enjoy a good, restful sleep.

A friend visited me one night as he was on the way to meet his buddies and drink. He sat next to me while I was listening to the meditation.

He fell asleep and was resting for 3 hours. When he woke up, he drank huge amounts of water and had no urge to go out and get drunk.
He was like a different person. I've never seen him that way, he completely transformed.


Let the miracles flow!

It's so much easier to stay on track and live your greatness when you're surrounded by a magical group of people such as the Conscious Fit Gang. 

I'm ready!

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