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Life's a Miracle, Didn't You Hear?

travel Dec 26, 2019

Hello, magic friends from all over the world!

I am writing to you today, with a story of surprises. A story of how sometimes, without knowing, you are guided to a series of small miracles on your path. And how every single moment can be a wonder, if you only choose it.

As some of you may know, at the beginning of this month we came to Bali to meet my friend Katherine’s publisher and work on her upcoming book “Soul on Fire”. (You can pre-register to receive a free gift chapter here.)

Our plan was to stay for a while in Bali and then head straight to the Philippines to work on our heart project Home4Kids. However, our travels do not always follow the linear path.

We were sitting day after day in Ubud and just didn’t seem to move. After asking for guidance, one day we ended up taking several planes and a boat to get to a tiny island called Karimunjawa, far away from the shores of Jawa sea. And that is where a sequence of events unfolded which I...

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